New IRIS Ledger Reconciliation Functionality Available

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The IRIS department is excited to announce a new IRIS application to help improve the ledger reconciliation process, which will be available sometime this winter. The application is currently in a pilot stage with a few departments participating. This electronic ledger reconciliation tool will be called from the ZFM_UT_LEDGER transaction. Reconcilers will be able to reconcile a fund without printing off the ledger, and will be able to submit the reconciled ledger to workflow for approval in-lieu of a signature.

Users will not be required to use this tool, at least initially; it will start out as an optional way to complete reconciliations for the foreseeable future.

Documentation for the Electronic Ledger Reconciliation webinar is available at:

Please be sure to have the document titled  “Electronic Ledger Reconciliation Tool Documentation” available when viewing the webinar.

The document titled “Approving the Electronic Ledger in the MyIRIS Web Inbox” is of particular importance to those departments managing ledgers for Sponsored Projects.