Human Resources/Payroll Forms

Corporate Function Supplemental Form (UT Extension Only)

  • Excel - Rev. 9/5/08
  • PDF - Rev. 9/5/08
  • Instructions on form

Family/Related Person

Initial Hire/Rehire of Employee


Organizational Unit Create/Change

Other Relationships

  • Excel - Rev. 06/10/2016

Payment of Banked Comp Time

Personnel Change Form

Personal Data Form

Quota Correction

  • Use Time Transfer Form

Student Hire Form (UT Student Assistant Only)

Time Transfer

Timesheet - Biweekly

Timesheet - Monthly


 The following are available as e-forms within the IRIS system


 Additional Pay

Change Position

Create Position

Employee Termination


Pay/Funding Change

Record a Friend

Record a Pending Employee

Recurring Pay

Student Termination (UT Student Assistant Only)

  • Use Employee Termination E-form


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