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Unless otherwise noted, all team contacts are part of IRIS Administrative Support



Jim Sauceman

Assistant Director

Sheila McNeil



Team Leader:  Kevin Feeney

Purpose: To provide the necessary programming support in areas such as converting from existing systems, creating interfaces to other related systems and addressing additional reporting needs.


Dick Fischer


Jeremy Fowler


Rob Gartlan


Sundar Krishnamoorthy


Landon Milhorn


Cindel Oakley


Linda Oakley


Mark Spangler


Debbie Sutton


ARCHIBUS Team (University-wide Space Management)

Team Leader:  Jonathan Ruth

Purpose:  To support the Facilities Management needs of the University via the ARCHIBUS software, specifically in the areas of space management, space inventory and strategic master planning.  This team is also responsible for interfacing with the University’s IRIS software, as well as working with University management to determine future directives.


Jolene Clark

Office of Real Property & Space Admin


Laurie Rees


Note:  If you are an employee on the Knoxville campus and need information on their campus-specific ARCHIBUS functionality, please click here.



Team Leader: Mark Thompson

Purpose: To maintain the underlying technical infrastructure to support IRIS, both for hardware and software.


Mike Barton

Enterprise Systems


Michael Fellers

Enterprise Systems


Customer Support Team

Team Leader: Jonathan Ruth

Purpose:  To support the IRIS community by providing design and delivery of training, help desk support, and access to the system.  Additionally, the team is charged with providing an authorization concept that provides good internal controls.


Debbi Exberger


Jenifer Huey


Chad Marks


Kate Sowrey


Carol Welch-Swaggerty


Kathy Zelem


Data Warehouse Team

Team Leader:  

Purpose: To design and implement an accessible repository for historical and current financial and human resources information. Users will be able to use this information for specialized reporting and ad hoc queries.


Denise (Dee) Haley

Enterprise Reporting


Mozhgan Shahidi

Enterprise Reporting


Financial Team

Team Leader: Sally Townsend

Purpose: To oversee and enhance the functionality of the IRIS financial systems at the University of Tennessee.  Financial systems include accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget, cash management, grants management, assets management (such as equipment and facilities) and purchasing.


Whitney Clark


Mark Hall


Verna Howard

Controller's Office


Tim Mapes

Treasurer's Office


Lydia Maples


Ron Maples

Controller's Office


David Marks


Aldena Phillips

Controller's Office


Laurie Rees


Cindy Stockdale

Treasurer's Office


Bill Thompson

Controller's Office


Teresa Winters


Human Resources Team

Team Leader:  John Rich

Purpose: To oversee and enhance the functionality of the IRIS human resources system at the University of Tennessee.   Human resource systems include the areas of payroll, time management, benefits, recruiting and hiring, salary budget, tax reporting, retirement and training.


Matthew Feeney


Chris Hitchcock


Lori Horne


Allen Knight


Sam Musharbash



Portal Team

Team Leader:  Jim Sauceman

Purpose:  To support the SAP NetWeaver Portal and IRIS related business applications delivered over the Web such as Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, Web GUI and Data Warehouse.


Workflow Team

Team Leader: Jim Sauceman

Purpose: To develop and administer the SAP Workflow and Approval Routing System used by Security, Human Resources, and Financial transactions.

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