Estimated Availability of Scholarship Income Report

The Estimated Availability of Scholarship Funds report is now available to assist Colleges and Departments in determining scholarship amounts available to be awarded in the spring for the 2017 fall term.   Please run transaction ZSL_EST_SCHOL_INC located at IRIS Reporting > Financial > Special Ledger on the IRIS menu.   The report shows for each selected … Continued


New IRIS Ledger Reconciliation Functionality Available

The IRIS department is excited to announce a new IRIS application to help improve the ledger reconciliation process, which will be available sometime this winter. The application is currently in a pilot stage with a few departments participating. This electronic ledger reconciliation tool will be called from the ZFM_UT_LEDGER transaction. Reconcilers will be able to … Continued


New Travel Advance Functionality Available

Effective February 1, travel advances can be requested when planning a trip using the TRIP – Travel Manager transaction in IRIS. There is also a new “Request for Travel Advance Form (T-41)” available on the Treasurer’s Office website that must be completed to determine the amount of the travel advance and then signed by the … Continued


Updated SAP Gui version 7.40 patch level 10 available

Each year during the Fall, the IRIS support staff applies year-end updates from SAP that provide regulatory and other changes that are needed on the system. This year in testing the year-end updates, we have identified an issue that requires a new version of the SAP Gui; version 7.40 patch level 10 has been made available to correct this issue.


Electronic Job Offers and Onboarding (Transitions)

Beginning on Thursday, December 1, a new method of creating electronic job offer letters and acceptance thereof is being made available in Taleo.  It moves all the offer pieces (the offer letter and the electronic acceptance of the offer by the candidate) into the Recruiting module…