More IRIS E-Learning Courses are Available

Category: Training

Two new IRIS E-Learning Courses are now available:

  • IRIS Overview – this course covers basic navigational techniques for the IRIS system, software needed to access IRIS, and other resources that are available for use with the IRIS system
  • IRIS Approvals – this course is valuable for IRIS workflow approvers and reviewers for instructions on managing and navigating the inbox, processing various types of work items, and managing substitutes


After you have completed IRIS E-Learning courses, you can opt to take an assessment to receive HR128 credit.  The IRIS Overview and Approvals course will each offer 3 hours of HR128 credit upon successful completion of the assessment.  You must score 90% or better on the assessment to qualify for HR128 credit.  You can take the assessment multiple times, if you wish.  To be sure that your HR128 credit is recorded, you must sign in to and exit the course assessment correctly.


  • To sign in to the assessment:

o  Type in your NetID and click the   button next to the field.

o You are correctly signed in when your NetID looks like this:

  • To exit the assessment:

Click  on the Passing Feedback screen.


All of the IRIS E-Learning courses are available at:


For those users who prefer learning in a classroom environment, the Overview and Approvals courses will continue to be available in a classroom setting in some locations.  The IRIS website has more information about traditional classroom training at: