We are pleased to announce a new IRIS e-learning course targeted at the reporting capabilities within IRIS.


This new course, titled “IRIS Reporting Tools”,  will help you navigate the customization features available to you when running reports in the IRIS system.  The examples and illustrations in the course have been chosen to demonstrate a wide variety of reporting techniques that can be applied across many reports within IRIS.


To access the course and the course assessment, please click on the following link: https://irishelp.tennessee.edu/gm/folder-1.11.6154.


The new IRIS Reporting Tools e-learning course is our 4th e-learning offering.  The others currently available include: “Approvals and Workflow”, “IRIS Overview”, and “Requesting IRIS User Access”.  The following link provides access to all e-learning courses: https://irishelp.tennessee.edu/gm/folder-1.11.1985.


Successful completion of any of these e-learning courses will be reflected on your personal training history list in IRIS.