What changed?

The workflow for electronically reconciled ledgers has been changed to provide an optional way for Department Heads to delegate ledger approval authority for non-sponsored funds. Fiscal policy FI0115 requires that sponsored projects reconciliations be approved by the Principal Investigator so no delegation is allowed for those funds. This optional workflow should be particularly helpful for scholarship funds and start-up funds or other non-sponsored funds where ledger approval has been delegated to others besides the departmental approver(s).


Who should care?

Anyone who utilizes the electronic ledger reconciliation tool and wants the non-sponsored workflow items to route to someone besides the departmental approver(s).


What are non-sponsored funds?

Cost Centers (Funds starting with E and I) and WBS Elements (Funds starting with R and N) where the project type does NOT equal 07-09, 11-20, 30, and A1.


How do I set up a user as a “Ledger Approver”?

A form called “Department Head Delegation of Non-Sponsored Funds Electronic Ledger Approvals” is completed and signed by the Department Head, Dean, and Campus Business Officer. The various Campus Business Offices will send the completed form to the Controller’s Office for processing. IMPORTANT: Workflow will only route to the new ledger approver after the delegated ledger approver is entered into IRIS by the Controller’s Office. Please check the reports listed below before submitting workflow to make sure the ledger approver is recorded in IRIS.


Where do I find the form?



What report can I use to manage my “Ledger Approvers”?

Fund Master Data Report, Z_FM_ZFMFINCOD

Display Fund Attributes, ZFM3 (Add’l Attributes Tab)


What if we still want departmental approver(s) to approve non-sponsored funds?

No action is required.


How does the workflow route for ledger reconciliation submissions?



Fiscal Policy: https://policy.tennessee.edu/fiscal_policy/fi0115/