The Estimated Availability of Scholarship Funds report is now available to assist colleges and departments in determining scholarship amounts available to be awarded in the spring for the 2021 fall term. Please run transaction ZSL_EST_SCHOL_INC located at IRIS Reporting > Financial > Special Ledger on the IRIS menu.


The report shows for each selected UT scholarship fund:

  • Composite Balance of UT gift and related UTF gift (if any) -at the beginning of the current Fiscal Year (FY), July 1, 2020
  • Composite Receipts of UT gift and related UTF gift (if any)—total income received July through current date
  • Composite Other Transfers of UT gift and related UTF gift (if any)—adjustments that are neither Receipts nor Awards, total for July through current date.
  • Composite Awards/Expenses of UT gift and related UTF gift (if any)— scholarships/expenses already paid out for July through current date.


In addition, if the scholarship is supported by an endowment fund (whether UT or UT Foundation), you see the endowment Fund and estimates of future income:

  • Est.Curr.FY Q3 + Q4—total income estimated for the third and fourth quarters of the current FY. *
  • Est.Next FY Q1 + Q2—total income estimated for the first and second quarters of the next FY. *
  • Est.Avail.Next FY—total available funds, including the unspent balance so far this FY, plus the estimated income columns. You will need to deduct awards already committed but not paid out for this spring and summer, to arrive at a true remaining figure for fall term.
  • Endowment—“F” Fund numbers are UT endowments, while “S” Fund numbers are UT Foundation.
  • Remarks—stipulations may be noted for specific endowment Funds.


*Please note that effective January 1, 2020, the UT Foundation Board of Directors approved an advancement assessment. Income distributions from new UT Foundation endowments will be assessed per the set guidelines and limits. Estimated endowment income is presented net of the projected assessment.


The report selects all scholarship Funds (Funds with Function 1080–Scholarship). Each person who runs the report can further select on Funds Center (for department or college) or Fund. The selection fields allow pattern values, ranges, and lists of values, as well as single selections.


The report Layout initially displayed can be modified by each user as needed:

  • To sort on any columns,
  • To insert subtotals,
  • To display or hide selected columns,
  • To filter on any columns


The report can be displayed, printed, exported to Excel or Word, or e-mailed from this screen (all the usual options for IRIS reports).


Because of the nature of the data, the report can be executed from early to mid-February until the end of April every year, but not at any other time.


Training Documentation:!M_EE97518455958785