In order to accommodate the financial postings resulting from the certification of June effort, one additional supplemental payroll will be run on Friday, July 6th. This payroll will recognize any certifications entered and approved at that time. It will also recognize any STV’s entered. The results of this payroll run will post to period 12 of fiscal year 2018.

If you wish to have your June certifications posted to the old fiscal year, please insure that they have been entered and approved by 6:00 p.m. EST   Friday, June 29th.


Additionally, approved STV’s received by the campus payroll offices will be processed. In Knoxville, the deadline for having STV’s to the UWA Payroll Office is 5:00 EST Friday, June 29th. Please contact your payroll office for the deadline on your campus.

There are several reasons why a person may fail in this process and the effort certification or STV not post to the ledger. Please remember the following:

  • The results of this process will be posted to period 12 of 2018.
  • This is a re-run of the June payroll. Any employee whose net pay will change as the result of retroactive changes will be rejected. This means any retro salary increase, additional pay, etc will cause the ECR or STV to reject and will not be posted until the normal July payroll.
  • Effort certifications containing closed cost centers/WBS elements will be rejected.
  • This will be the only remaining opportunity to post to period 12 through the payroll process.