Recommended Minimum PC Configuration

  • Operating System:  Windows 7
  • Monitor:  17″
  • Colors: 32000
  • Disk Storage, Client:  5GB
  • Web Browser:  Firefox 44.0
  • Processor:  750MHZ
  • Memory:  1GB
  • Graphics Card (for Business Warehouse): 2MB

Required Printer Configuration

  • The printer must be PCL4 or higher and/or PostScript compliant

            (PCL3GUI or PCL3-Enhanced will not work)

  • The printer must contain a network card (e.g. HP JetDirect Card)
  • As long as the first two requirements are met, most all makes and models will be IRIS compatible
  • Note that IRIS does not support printing to devices which have security codes enabled
  • Must contain an ethernet port (not wireless)