The IRIS Helpdesk serves as a single point of contact for assistance on issues encountered within the IRIS system.  The IRIS Helpdesk responds to basic IRIS questions, such as those that are routine or that could be answered with basic documentation.  When a user contacts the Helpdesk reporting an error, the Helpdesk staff will make a good-faith effort to understand the issue and provide a resolution.  The Helpdesk staff will often employ a tool, such as Desktop Streaming to validate the issue and/or garner more information.


When the Helpdesk staff receives an advanced question or is unable to resolve an issue, the question/issue will be escalated to the appropriate functional team and/or the appropriate central office.  Advanced technical issues will be escalated to the IRIS Basis team.  When an issue is escalated to one of the other IRIS teams, that team will take ownership of the issue; a functional team member will work to resolve the issue, corresponding directly with the user via email, phone, etc.   If appropriate, the functional team will communicate a solution to the IRIS Helpdesk for future reference (if the issue is exceptional and/or isolated to a specific situation, the IRIS Helpdesk does not need to know the details).


Issues related to policy will be referred to the appropriate central office.


If a user contacts the IRIS Helpdesk with a question outside of IRIS functionality (e.g., an Outlook or Internet Explorer question), the IRIS Helpdesk will refer the issue to the OIT Helpdesk.  For those issues that are of a blended nature, i.e. an issue with the portal or webgui that is impacted by a particular browser, the IRIS Helpdesk will make a good-faith effort to resolve the issue or garner more information, but may have to refer the issue to a campus/departmental technical support person or a resource on the IRIS Project team.


The primary method of contacting the IRIS helpdesk is to email However, the Customer Support team also accepts tickets from OIT so that users who contact OIT do not have to make another effort to contact the IRIS Helpdesk.