An improved IRIS invoice interface is being introduced this Fall.  The new transaction is ZAP_ENTRY and will be found on the IRIS Easy Access menu at this path:  Accounting > Financial Accounting > Accounts Payable > Document Entry > ZAP_ENTRY – Invoice/Credit Memo Entry


ZAP_ENTRY will replace FB60/FV60, FB65/FV65, and ZAP_MISC_REIMB and should be used beginning no later than October 15.


The features of the new screen include simplified entry for several existing document types as well as introduction of some new ones.  Specifically:

Single point of entry for existing invoice types:

  • Standard invoice
  • Invoice with complex posting
  • Credit Memo
  • Miscellaneous Reimbursement

Additional invoice types:

  • Moving Allowance
  • 85 Contract Invoice/T-27 with Contract
  • 85 Contract Memo
  • T-27 without contract

NOTE:  Invoices against a Purchase Order or Framework Order will NOT be entered with this transaction.  Continue to use MIR7 for these invoices.


Some benefits of the new screen include:


  • Begin the new interface by selecting the type of invoice to be entered.
  • Resulting screens will be tailored specifically for the selected document type.
  • Fields that are not allowed for a certain document type will not be available for entry.
  • Fields for specific purposes are more clearly labeled – for example, “Invoice Nbr” rather than “Reference”.
  • Expanded set of icons on the toolbar.
  • Simplified process of attaching supporting documentation as compared to the traditional A/P entry screen.


Additionally, training materials can be found at:  Additional materials will be added to this folder as they become available.