The Bank of America (BOA) procurement cards have arrived.   During the transition from the current provider to BOA there are some items about which you need to be aware.


  1. The current 1st TN Bank card should not be used after you receive your new BOA card.  The new BOA card can be used immediately.


  1. The current 1st TN bank card will soon be canceled and will no longer work after February 13, 2012.


  1. When you pick up your BOA card, you must turn in your 1st TN Bank card.  You will sign a new cardholder agreement at that time.


  1. If you are picking up a card for the first time (not turning in an old card), you will be required to take the procurement card questionnaire.  See For Knoxville and University Wide Administration employees, the questionnaire must be taken in the Treasurer’s Office when you pick up the card.


  1. If your current card number is used for a recurring charge, please notify the vendor immediately upon receiving your new card and provide them with the new number.


  1. Your current card number may be registered with some websites where you make frequent purchases – such as Staples, FedEx and Fisher Scientific.  You will need to make the appropriate changes with these sites as well.


The policy for procurement cards has not changed and can be found at,140536&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_policy=FI0530.


For February charges (posted around March 1st), you may see two IRIS document numbers listed on your IRIS statement.  This is because there may be charges to both the 1st TN Bank and Bank of America cards during February.  Both documents must be reconciled and approved.   For several months after this you may have statements with two document numbers as charges and credits from 1st TN Bank continue to post from VISA.  This will eventually taper off and can be reduced by promptly calling vendors that have your credit card number on file.


If your default account number begins with E01, R01, E17 or R17, you can pick up your card at 301 Andy Holt Tower.  If your default account number begins with something else, you will be notified by your campus coordinator (listed below) on where to pick up the card.  Please contact Susan Wilson or Cindy Stockdale at 865-974-3086 if you have any questions.


Chattanooga – Charles Scott

Graduate School of Medicine – Debbie Brown

AG Extension – Tim Fawver

AG Experiment – Melinda Jones

Vet School – Tonya Kenley

IPS/CTAS/MTAS – Gail White

UTSI – Courtney Maricle

Martin – Laura Foltz

Memphis – Linda Crouch

UT Foundation – Robert Harrill