A new and improved Departmental List of Employees (ZHR_DEPT_LIST) report is now available for use! For the most part, the report is very similar to the original Departmental List of Employees report (ZQR_DEPT_LIST) that will still be available. These are the main differences between the two:


  1. The selection screen has been modified for the new report. The report defaults to a selection criteria that includes Regular, Active employees. Additionally, the Personnel Area will default to the personnel area that you belong to, but this information may still be updated or changed as needed.
  2. The new report has been improved to run much more quickly.
  3. The report will no longer show multiple lines for an employee as the original Departmental List of Employees report does. Instead, all information for an employee will be on one line. Please see below for an example:


       Original Report:


New Report:


You can find the new report on the IRIS menu at: IRIS Reporting > Human Resources > Personnel Management.