The Electronic Ledger Reconciliation Tool is now available! It can be accessed from ZFM_UT_LEDGER after executing the initial selection screen. A new button is now located at the top of the ledger report(s), which will open up the Electronic Ledger Reconciliation Tool.



This new functionality is optional and we do recommend that you either have attended one of our large group sessions or participated in one of our webinars or attended a hands-on class before starting to work with the tool. We have two webinars that will be published and announced soon for those who missed the opportunity.

Campuses outside of the Knoxville area should contact their campus business office regarding training opportunities.

Documentation is available at:  Included in the documentation is a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the reconciliation process using the new tool.

The tool will be available to users with departmental roles. Keep in mind that this new process could mean work items going to approvers’ IRIS inboxes who have never received a work item before. For example, Principal Investigators on sponsored projects. There is a help document provided for those approvers at the website location provided above for documentation.

Contact the IRIS helpdesk for help at