Efforts have been underway for some time to enhance the functionality of the My IRIS Web Portal to better integrate with other software solutions of the University.  The purpose of this change is to grant users a Single Sign-On (SSO) ticket when they login which will allow them to seamlessly navigate between the My IRIS Web Portal and other participating, integrated web-based systems such as the ESM Contracts system, without having to sign in separately to each of those systems.

As a result of this work, you will soon be seeing changes to the My IRIS Web Portal logon/logoff screens.  Please be assured that only the logon and logoff screens are changing.  Once you have successfully logged in to the Portal, the screens and applications you are familiar with (Employee Self Service, UT Market Place, Data Warehouse reporting, etc.) will remain the same.

What is not changing:

The URL of the My IRIS Web Portal (https://irisweb.tennessee.edu) and your authentication method (NetID and NetID password) are not changing.  Also, the offerings that you use the My IRIS Web Portal for today (e.g. accessing your online pay statement) will remain the same.

What is changing:

This is the traditional logon screen you see when accessing the My IRIS Web Portal today:

This is the new logon screen for the My IRIS Web Portal that you will see effective the night of June 14.

In addition, we are also taking this opportunity to enhance the My IRIS Web Portal logoff experience.  When logging off from the Portal today, you are simply returned to the Portal’s default logon screen.  However, when the new changes are implemented, users will be redirected to a new logoff page that will include important messages and recent announcements, as well as a reminder to close your web browser window to complete the logoff process.  Please note, because logon tickets are persistent as long as your browser session remains open, you MUST close the browser window to completely logoff.  If you leave your browser window open, anyone with access to the computer you are using can return to the My IRIS Web Portal using your previous logon ticket and, in essence, access the Portal using your ID.

For more information, please see document “IRIS Web Portal – New Logon/Logoff Enhancements” located on the IRIS Help site: https://irishelp.tennessee.edu.  Click on IRIS Web Portal > About IRIS Web Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact the IRIS Helpdesk: irishelpdesk@tennessee.edu