Effective February 1, travel advances can be requested when planning a trip using the TRIP – Travel Manager transaction in IRIS. There is also a new “Request for Travel Advance Form (T-41)” available on the Treasurer’s Office website that must be completed to determine the amount of the travel advance and then signed by the traveler, scanned, and attached to the Travel Expense Report.

To learn more about this process and to access the Quick Reference for Submitting Travel Advances in the Trip Transaction, click HERE

To view the Travel Advance webinars click on one of the links below:

To view the consolidated questions and answers from the webinars click HERE

Sample expense reports generated from IRIS:

  • Submitted expenses exceed the advance:  https://irishelp.tennessee.edu/gm/folder-1.11.5596 .  Notice that the “Payment Amount/(-)Amount Owed” is a positive number and the information is in  a green box.  This indicates a Payment Amount to the traveler.
  • Submitted expenses are less than the advance: https://irishelp.tennessee.edu/gm/folder-1.11.5593.  A negative number is shown in a red box for the “Payment Amount/(-)Amount Owed”, indicating that the traveler owes the University the unused portion of the Travel Advance.