This policy is effective August 2, 2018 and is now on the policy web site.


FI0705 – Travel policy has been revised as follows:


A complete re-write of travel policy takes effect today and this was based on input from numerous employees at all of the campuses and institutes. The policy was completely re-organized in an attempt to make it more concise and combine items into appropriate sections. Some of the highlights of these changes include:


  1. We are bringing the policy in line with Conus rules and making the following adjustments:
    1. The elimination of the check-in fee. Per Conus, this is included in the meal per diems.
    2. Allowance for a 75% meal per diem on one day trips, if longer than 12 hours.
    3. Travelers receiving a vehicle allowance or a courtesy car will be reimbursed the CONUS rate for a government furnished vehicle, which is currently .18 per mile.
  2. Receipts are required for items over $10 and credit card receipts are permissible for ground transportation, tolls and parking.
  3. Lodging exceptions will just be approved by the Chief Business Officer at the campus/institute and not the Chief Financial Officer.
  4. Cash Advances over $10,000 must be approved by the Chief Business Officer, with the exception of team travel.
  5. Guest, contractors and former employees are combined into one section and the T-6 is no longer needed for former employees. They are now just rehired as a guest traveler in IRIS.
  6. International ATM fees are allowed with an appropriate receipt.
  7. Additional guidance is provided on the drive versus fly requirement.
  8. Expenses with flight delays are reimbursable and don’t have to be an exception.
  9. The requirement for guests to follow our CONUS lodging rates has been removed.
  10. Paying expenses associated with another employee are addressed and they do not have to be treated as an exception.
  11. Travel insurance on international trips that is authorized by the campus is reimbursable.
  12. Boarding pass and seat assignment fees were added to allowable expenses under airline fees.
  13. The airlines continue to add many different types of economy fares making it confusing to purchase and administer. Thus, any economy fare is now permissible with the exception of fares specifically called “Premium Economy Class” and “Premium Business Select”. These are new versions of business class.