SAP has made the decision to remove their Fiori application from the iOS and Android app stores during the first quarter of 2021. When the Fiori app is removed, the IRIS Mobile platform will remain accessible, albeit through alternative means. While we do not have an official removal date, this change could obviously come anytime between now and March. SAP is citing improvements in the technology and user experience of mobile browser apps as the primary reason for the discontinuance of their Fiori app.


If you currently use the Fiori app to enter time worked, submit leave requests, approve time and leave, etc., we recommend moving away from the Fiori app as soon as conveniently possible. Even though you will still be able to log in via the Fiori app, SAP will no longer be providing updates to the app, which creates security vulnerabilities and opens the door for potential exploits on your phone or tablet.


For instructions on creating a browser shortcut on your mobile device to easily access the IRIS Mobile platform in lieu of the Fiori app, please click HERE.