The University Travel Policy (FI0705) is being revised and will be published and announced through the IRIS Users Listserv soon.  In the meantime, there are several changes that will go into effect Wednesday, August 1, 2018 in the IRIS Travel System.


These changes are as follows:

1) The “Lodging Check-in Fee” expense receipt type will no longer be available.  This $5 reimbursement is included in the “Meals and Incidentals” (the “Incidentals” piece) that travelers receive through meal per diem reimbursements.

2) Receipts will be required for any expense that exceeds $10, instead of $50.  This change is printed on the Travel Expense Report PDF.

3) Travelers will be entitled to 75% of the meal per diem for one-day trips that are 12 hours or longer.

4) Lodging exceptions will no longer route to the CFO, David Miller, for approval.  If the only exception(s) on the Travel Expense Report is lodging, the workflow will only route to the campus CBO instead.


Please contact the IRIS Helpdesk at with any questions.