In anticipation of requirements for the new Concur travel system, changes have been made to the existing Record a Friend/Pending Employee/Guest Traveler transaction (ZPHRRECORD000). These changes will only impact the Guest Traveler portion of this e-form, not the record a friend or pending employee pieces.

These are the changes that will be visible tomorrow (10/08/2019):

  • Travel End Date has been removed from the top of the e-form. We no longer collect this information.
  • In the Permanent Residence section of the form, two fields are now required:
    • Telephone number
    • E-mail address

More changes to the guest traveler portion of the e-form will be coming in early 2020. We will send out another listserv at that time with important update information. In the meantime, if you have any questions about these changes, please contact


For questions about the Concur project, please contact