Coming in June – A New Way to Access IRIS

As many of you know, we took steps in late February to implement enhanced security features on our IRIS system by requiring all end users to run a version of the SAP Windows desktop application that supports stronger encryption of IRIS data traveling across our networks. This was phase one of our two-phase-implementation plan to … Continued


New IRIS Insights Newsletter Available

The IRIS Administrative Support team sent the most recent IRIS Insights electronic newsletter to members of the IRIS Users Listserv on Wednesday, April 8th. This particular IRIS Insights issue will help you stay well-informed during a time of evolving change, process improvement, and future enhancements for the University. If you missed any of the previous … Continued


Estimated Availability of Scholarship Income Report

The Estimated Availability of Scholarship Funds report is now available to assist colleges and departments in determining scholarship amounts available to be awarded in the spring for the 2020 fall term.   Please run transaction ZSL_EST_SCHOL_INC located at IRIS Reporting > Financial > Special Ledger on the IRIS menu.   The report shows for each selected … Continued


Securing IRIS Logon Procedures

In the current digital environment, identity theft and threats to data integrity are a constant concern. We regularly monitor the IRIS systems to ensure the environment is secure and are always looking for new ways to better harden IRIS against vulnerabilities and attacks from both inside and outside threats.   To that end, we are … Continued