New Version of the SAP GUI for Windows Client – UPDATE

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We announced the availability of a new version of the SAP GUI for Windows client in late October (original announcement below). To the many of you who have already taken the time to update your client, we say, “Thank you!”


And to those of you who have tried to update your client, but have run into issues, we want to say, “Thank you!” to you as well! Your comments and willingness to report the issues to us have led us to develop the following help resource page on our IRIS Website. The three most common errors reported to us have been:


  • Users do not have administrator rights on their machines
  • Windows issues a warning about the safety of the install file and prevents it from running
  • The install runs successfully, but your GUI theme has changed


You will find more information about all three of these issues, as well as resources to help you address them, on our help page.


Please remember that older releases of the SAP GUI for Windows client that many of you may still be running are nearing their end-of-life and will not be supported after December 31st of this year. This includes all versions prior to the new one we have published for download on the IRIS Web Portal (version 770, patch level 2).