Frequently Asked Questions

ESS or Employee Self Service is an extension of IRIS allowing employees to view and change data about themselves, from virtually anywhere in the world. This service is web based therefore there is no need for the client to be installed on your desktop.
Currently you may:

  • View and print a copy of your current and past pay statements
  • View and print your personalized benefit statement
  • Re-print your W-2 for current and prior years
  • View information about yourself including home address, organizational information, education, and direct deposit details
  • Update your emergency contact information
  • View your leave balances
  • View your recent leave activity
  • View and print a monthly time statement listing all hours worked and leave taken, leave accruals, etc
Any current regular, term, or student employee may access this information. Recently terminated and retired employees will also have access to a limited subset of these applications.
Access to ESS is available thru MyIRISWeb, the administrative portal of the University. The url address is From the main page, click on the “Employee Self Service” tab.
No, you can use your NetID and password to access ESS.
To get access into the portal, use your NETID and password.

An IRIS logon is not required.

This may be a browser security feature. Add the portal url (https://* to your Trusted Sites in your browser settings.
Only certain fields are allowed to be changed thru ESS at the current time. To change other fields you must go thru the normal process of contacting either the campus HR office or Payroll office, or working thru your departmental bookkeeper.
For browser versions supported and other technical requirements please review the Portal FAQs and Technical Requirements
To log into the portal, you should use your NetID and password. If your password has expired and needs to be reset, please click on the “NET ID Help” link found on the MyIRISWeb Logon page or contact the OIT helpdesk at 865-974-9900.
Please contact the Human Resources Call Center at 1-888-444-8847 (Knoxville Area: 946-8847).