Beginning on Thursday, December 1, a new method of creating electronic job offer letters and acceptance thereof is being made available in Taleo.  It moves all the offer pieces (the offer letter and the electronic acceptance of the offer by the candidate) into the Recruiting module.  No longer will the “New Hire Portal” (which is part of Legacy Onboarding) be required to accept a job offer.  From the internal candidate’s perspective – they will no longer need to request a new password.  They will be able to use their NetID and password.  For all candidates, the job offer letter and the acceptance will be seen as another tab on the candidate’s “landing page”– the same place they have been going to do job searches and review the jobs they have applied for.  The new tab is entitled “Offers”.  This should make it significantly easier for the candidate to accept his/her offer.  [Please note: these do not change how the job offer is created, nor how it is approved in IRIS.  These are changes to the offer letter and acceptance of the offer only.]

Also, on December 1, “Onboarding (Transitions)” is available.  This is the new version of Legacy Onboarding.  The only piece of Onboarding remaining after the electronic job offer acceptance is moved to Recruiting is the candidate’s post-offer, pre-hire opportunity to self-identify.  So, at the time the job offer is sent to the candidate a New Hire Onboarding (Transitions) task should be started.  Right now there is only the one process which contains the self-identify task.  This will present another new tab on the candidate’s landing page entitle “Tasks.” Again, this should be significantly easier for the candidate to find and complete.

Lastly, on December 31, the “Legacy Onboarding” module and the “New Hire Portal” will be decommissioned by Oracle/Taleo.  We (recruiters and candidates) will no longer be able to see nor use the old Onboarding process after December 31.  That means the sooner you begin using the new electronic job offer and the onboarding (transitions) processes the better off our candidates will be.  I would hate for us to begin a legacy onboarding process in mid-December and the candidate waits to accept his/her job offer until after December 31 – as the acceptance will no longer be available to them.

The new processes are just as easy (if not easier) to use from the recruiter’s perspective and significantly easier to use from the candidate’s perspective.  So these changes should be extremely positive improvements to our employment process.

Download documentation and instructions on initiating the electronic job offer and the onboarding (transitions) task.