Effective Monday, October 16th, the Education infotype (IT9022) will be updated and enhanced to provide better quality education information for our faculty and staff. These changes will also allow better SACS accreditation reporting.

The updated screen is shown below:


The specific changes to the infotype include:


  • Fields are relabeled to better indicate the field type.
  • Fields are rearranged to better group them.
  • The most current version of the CIP code list is used for the Field of Study.
  • Additional values are added to the education level, including an option for 18+ Graduate Hours SACSCOC.
  • Additional values are added to the degree/credential fields.
  • The institution field is table driven rather than free-form text, with an option to enter an institution if one is not defined in the table.
  • Fields are created for the “Highest Credential” and “Terminal Degree.”
  • Edits are enhanced to increase consistency between fields, including an edit requiring that the “Start” date be the same year as the value entered in the degree year field.


Over the weekend of October 14th and 15th, the existing education data will be converted to the new format.


Help for the Education infotype is available via the Help >> IRIS Help menu option when viewing employee data in transaction PA20.  Lessons include: “PA20 – Display Education,” “PA30 – Create Education,” and “PA30 – Change Education.”


Please let the IRIS HR Team know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the revised education infotype, or the converted education information for your employees.