Minor changes have been made to the contract transaction that you may notice when processing contracts:


  • The name of the button at the top of the screen that used to read “Print All” has been changed to “Review All”.  This change was made because many users mistakenly believed they were required to print the contract form by selecting the “Print All” button.  Only the Contract Review and Approval Form needs to be printed, and it is still generated by clicking the “Form” button.  You may still review the contract information in a form format by selecting the “Review All” button.


  • Language in the certifications page (page 3) of the Contract Review and Approval Form has been modified to more accurately reflect the certification responsibilities of the parties who initiate and review contracts.


  • For Payable and Receivable contracts, an edit has been added to require a positive dollar amount in the payable or receivable amount field (note: Zero-dollar / No-cost contracts are still allowed).


If you have additional questions, please contact Blake Reagan at breagan@tennessee.edu