A new form is available for departments that need to create, change or delete an organizational unit.  You may find the Organizational Unit Create/Change Form in the Paper Forms section of the IRIS website.


Organizational Units are used within the Human Resources area of IRIS to group related positions within an administrative area. They are roughly equivalent to a Funds Center on the financial area of IRIS. In the past, there has been some confusion about information that is needed to create or change an organizational unit in IRIS.  This form, divided into the three actions, will guide you through the process.  Before completing the form, please note the following:


  • An organizational unit must have at least one position to be valid.
  • Only cost centers (E accounts) may be associated with organizational units.  WBS Elements (R accounts) may not be used as an organizational unit).
  • The cost center must be established and activated by the Treasurer’s Office prior to the creation/change of an organizational unit.
  • Before deleting an organizational unit, departments must submit Position Create/Change e-forms to either make existing positions obsolete or move them to other organizational units.

Please complete, save and email the form to either Janice Hodge (jhodge@tennessee.edu) or Sherry Sims (sherry.sims@tennessee.edu).  Email subject line should include “Org Unit Request Form”.


Please contact Janice Hodge if you have questions.