Treasurer Charles (Butch) Peccolo has announced that the following fiscal policy has been revised. The policy is effective January 1, 2013 and is now on the policy web site.

FI0705 – Travel: This policy has been revised to clarify processes.


The changes that have been incorporated include:



  • Clarification of the process for the direct bill of airfare   –     #25 b and c
  • Clarification on gas expenses for vehicles assigned to a department – #27
  • Clarification on claiming mileage expenses for personally owned automobiles – #29
  • Clarifying that passport and visa expenses may be paid prior to the trip – #86
  • Clarifying the process for processing meals purchased at a conference – #94
  • Allowing credit card statements to be provided for taxi cab fares provide the statement correctly identifies the company – #106


At the direction of internal audit the following sentence will be added to the travel expense report that is signed by the traveler – “By signing, I am also certifying that these expenses have not been reimbursed by any other organizations or individuals”.


All university business managers whose faculty and staff participate in these programs should read and understand the guidelines provided in this policy.